Xárene Eskandar is currently speaking on AI and the posthuman, and off-roading Western US Gambler 500s with her rally car, Dreki Blanco.

I’ve done it all: Researcher, Creative Director, VR Developer, Branding, Concept Designer: Yachts & Automotive, Wearables, Clothing, VJ, Motion Graphics, Producer, Architect & Builder: Mansions & Resorts, Passive Solar Designer, Habitat for Humanity Volunteer, Media Artist, Anarcho-Utopian Philosopher, Sound Designer & Composer, Filmmaker & Filmed, Photographer & Photographed, Writer & Editor, Published & Publisher, Interviewer & Interviewed, Exhibited, Awarded, Sunchaser & Stargazer, Weather Reporter, Teacher, Student Forever.

A curated selection of my photography is for sale here.Flickr is a photo-dump of my favorite places; instagram is not curated for the ‘gram.
Info on my film Driving at the speed of the Nordic sun

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